Students pay annual tuition for participation in YC². Tuition covers only a portion of our expenses and TRYPO and PYSO engage in annual fund-raising to cover the balance. Tuition rates have not increased for the 2019-20 school year!

  • PERFORMANCE TRACK (PT) for students in approximately 8th-12th+ grade: $550/year

  • EDUCATION TRACK (ET) for students in approximately 3rd-8th grade: $450/year

  • HOUSEHOLD DISCOUNT: Households that have a child registered in PYSO or in another TRYPO program for 2019-20, may be eligible for a $100 household discount ($50 per semester).

  • PAYMENT PLANS: Families can choose which works for you (less household discount if applicable):

    • Plan A: Pay in full October 15 - $550 (PT) or $450 (ET)

    • Plan B: Pay in two payments: $325 (PT) or $275 (ET) October 15; and $225 (PT) or $175 (ET) January 15.

    • Plan C: Pay in five payments: $190 (PT) or $170 (ET) October 15, 2019; and four additional payments of $90 (PT) or $70 (ET) November 15, January 15, February 15, and March 15.


YC² is administrated by Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras (TRYPO), therefore all tuition payments are made to TRYPO. Invoices are emailed to families, according to the payment chosen (see above) from our quickbooks account (check your Spam folder if you do not receive your invoice on October 1).


We offer a financial aid, need-based scholarship program to assist deserving, eligible students. Families should not be discouraged from applying to YC² due to financial limitations. YC² is administrated by TRYPO, in partnership with PYSO. Both are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations committed to keeping costs as low as possible without diminishing the quality or depth of programming, and ensuring that no deserving young musician be denied participation based on financial means.


All cancellations received by September 15 are under no obligation to continue in the process or pay tuition. After September 15 and until October 20, our No-Cancellation Time Window goes into effect and remains until the student's assigned group has met with their coach two times.

This No-Cancellation Time Window allows YC²'s highly-qualified coaches the time to carefully divide our 80+ registered students into chamber groups where they believe each student will develop musically and personally; and this time period gives our students adequate time to experience this for themselves. All cancellations received during or immediately after this time will be handled on a case-by-case basis by TRYPO's Executive Director.

Once you have accepted your position in your chamber music ensemble, you and your fellow musicians are now a team! Your teammates cannot participate without you and we commit the resources for the semester for your education and performance opportunities. Therefore there will be no tuition refunds permitted mid-semester.


Beginning with the 2019-20 season, City Music Center will no longer collect tuition from cross-registered students on behalf of YC² or TRYPO. Fees for participating in YC² and TRYPO will be invoiced independently of, and in addition to, the CMC tuition for the Lessons PLUS program. For more information about CMC cross-registration options, please click HERE. You may also contact or call 412-396-5064.