Placement Process

August 1, 2017 - Registration Opens

  • Read through our Programs and Tuitions pages to understand our program offerings for this year. 
  • Complete the 2017-18 Registration Form to enter the YC² Placement Process. Be sure to enroll in our three-week September Session.
  • Sign up for a Listening Time to play for a YC² coach (new and returning students).
  • Mail your $25 non-refundable Registration Fee within two weeks of submitting your registration. Mail your check payable to TRYPO, to YC² c/o TRYPO, 212 Ninth St., Suite 601, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222.

September 9, 16, and 23, 2017 - Placement Auditions: Listening Times

  • NEW THIS YEAR: Our YC² coaches have asked that all students schedule a Listening Time so they can hear you play (including new members, as well as current and recent TRYPO, PYSO, and YC² members). 
  • Listening Times will be held Saturday mornings at Duquesne University's College Hall (across the street from Mary Pappert School of Music - come to the 2nd Floor Lobby). 
  • Click here to schedule a Listening Time with a YC² coach. 

  • If these times do not work for you, you may submit a video audition here

September 9, 16, and 23, 2017 - September Session

  • Three weeks of large and small group rehearsals culminating in a student performance on September 23. All students will be assigned to a chamber group which will perform at one of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh neighborhood branches.
  • There is a morning session offered for advanced musicians (members of YPO, PYSO, and other advanced students); and an afternon session for intermediate and beginner musicians (members of Symphonette, Intrada, and other young musicians).
  • See Schedule: September Session for details regarding the Morning and Afternoon sessions.
  • All incoming and returning members are encouraged to enroll in September Session. Students who complete the September Session will earn a $25 discount on YC² tuition.

September 24, 2017 (by midnight) - Placement Audition Deadline

  • If you were unable to schedule a time to play for a YC² coach, all video auditions should be submitted by midnight September 24, 2017. 

September 24, 2017 (by midnight) - Fall Enrollment Deadline

  • Students interested in joining an Education or Performance Track chamber group should be enrolled by midnight, September 24, in order to be included in the Fall 2017 placement process.
  • All registered students should have completed a Placement Audition/Listening Time or sent a video audition by September 24. If you missed any of the above deadlines, contact to see if we can still include you in the process - we will make every effort to incorporate last minute registrants. 

September 25-29 - Staff Meet to Form Groups

  • Students are matched based on a variety of criteria, which may include:
    • Musicianship 
    • Experience
    • Age
    • Orchestra Membership - To ease parent transportation duties, we make every effort to pair a student's chamber rehearsal time with their orchestra rehearsal schedule.
    • Schedule Availability - While rare, this is usually the factor which complicates a student's successful placement.
    • Geography (when possible)

September 30-October 5 - Group Assignments Confirmed

  • Group assignment offers will be emailed to all students for whom we found a suitable chamber ensemble. (In 2016-17, 85 out of 86 students were offered a spot.) 
  • Emails are sent one student/or one group at a time, so don't worry if your friend hears before you.
  • To accept the offer, student and parent must sign the online Member Agreement as soon as possible - your email offer will have a signing deadline included.
  • If you have decided not to continue in the YC² placement process, please notify immediately. Note that your $25 Registration Fee is non-refundable.  

October 7-8 - Weekly Rehearsal/Coaching Begins

  • All Education and Performance Track groups will meet for their first weekly rehearsal and coaching October 7 or 8, 2017.
  • Once our 2017-18 chamber groups are formed, visit Schedule: Group Schedules and save it to your homescreen so you can review your schedule anytime.  

October 10 - First Tuition Payment Due

  • Your first tuition statement will be emailed along with your Member Agreement. Please do NOT make a tuition payment until you receive this statement. (You must, however, pay your $25 Registration Fee at the time of registration.) 

  • 50% of the annual tuition is due October 10, 2017.

  • 50% is due January 15, 2018.

  • Visit Join: Tuition for more information. 

October 14-15 - Students Decide Group Name

  • Chamber groups will be given a tentative name when formed, by their second coaching, they must decide on the name of their group.
  • Parents are welcome to suggest names to their students, but the final decision must be made by the students themselves, with assistance from their coach.
  • YC² must approve all group names - be sure the name you want is not already in use.